17 Former Violent Offenders Graduate Sacramento State Restorative Justice Program

17 prisoners incarcerated for various violent crimes at the California State Prison, Sacramento (New Folsom) graduate Friday from a year-long restorative justice program, the Center For African Peace and Conflict Resolution (CAPCR), at Sacramento State, Alex Muegge reports for ABC 10. The CAPCR program comprises key restorative justice concepts, including trauma, communication, accountability, apologies, remorse, forgiveness of themselves and others and justice for their victim. There are also exercises to manage triggers and aims to teach prisoners how to manage stress during incarceration. The final week of the course centers on apology letters to their family or the person or people they harmed, according to the CAPCR. The CAPCR was established in 1996 at Sacramento State to provide conflict resolution and reconciliation services for a variety of organizations through training, education, research and intervention. 

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