35 Detained After Violence At Atlanta Police Training Site

On Monday, Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum announced that nearly three dozen people had been detained after a “coordinated attack” against the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center in DeKalb County, Georgia, Jeff Martin and Jeff Amy report for The Washington Post. Multiple pieces of construction equipment were set on fire and protesters allegedly threw rocks, Molotov cocktails, and fireworks at police officers. No officers were injured in the altercation.

“This was a very violent attack, very violent attack,” Schierbaum said. “This wasn’t about a public safety training center. This was about anarchy … and we are addressing that quickly.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp stated that “domestic terrorism will not be tolerated.” An investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been launched. This is the latest event in opposition to Atlanta’s “Cop City” training center, which gained national attention after a protester was killed in January. The $90 million facility is intended to replace substandard facilities and provide police with modern tools including shooting ranges, driving courses, burn buildings and mock villages for raids.

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