$50 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Tennessee Police For Fatal Traffic Stop Shooting

The family of a man who was fatally shot by Mt. Juliet, Tennessee police last year are accusing the officers involved of acting recklessly, using excessive force and violating civil rights, and are suing the city and its police department for $50 million, Craig Shoup reports for The Tennesean. The lawsuit, which names Mt. Juliet Police Sgt. Josh Lo, Officer Reese Harper and Chief James Hambrick, says that police held Eric J. Allen against his will while he was a passenger in a traffic stop on Nov. 2, 2022.

Allen was later Tasered and shot multiple times by Lo, who, the lawsuit claims, was in no immediate danger, violating Allen’s right to life, his right to feeling reasonably safe on the streets, his right to due process after being detained and his right to be free from excessive force and cruel and unusual punishment. The lawsuit described Lo’s use of a taser and firearm as reckless disregard for Allen’s and the public’s safety, and put the public in increased danger. The lawsuit further claims that Hambrick created an environment that openly permitted officers to engage in unconstitutional and unlawful acts. A jury trial has been requested. 

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