ACLU Report Sounds Alarm on Increasing Number of Alabama Bills Supporting ‘Prison Pipeline’

A new report released by the ACLU of Alabama estimates that 141 of the 876 bills introduced during the session (16 percent) could potentially increase the number of inmates in Alabama prisons, all of which are already facing lawsuits due to overcrowding, Ralph Chapoco reports for the Alabama Reflector. The report noted bills introduced during the session that increased criminal penalties for loitering on the public rights-of-way; reduced the amount of credits that people in prison could receive for good behavior and enhanced penalties for those who commit crimes while part of a criminal enterprise. In 2021, the ACLU estimated legislators introduced almost 1,100 bills during the session, with 117 (10.6 percent) potentially increasing the number of people incarcerated in the state. In 2022,lLegislators introduced 873 bills, with 148 of those (17 percent) increasing the prison pipeline. 


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