Announcing: A Fun Way to Recognize the Legal Tech Writers Who Contribute to LawNext During February

Are you an expert in legal tech? Or are you are a legal professional who uses legal tech? Either way, here is your chance to share your knowledge or experiences to benefit the legal community at large — and possibly win a gift card for doing so.

Let me explain. Last September, I issued an invitation to authors to share their insights, experiences and expertise about legal technology for publication on the LawNext Legal Technology Directory.

Why? Because, in developing the directory, one of our goals is to build up a freely accessible library of practical articles on legal tech – articles that help lawyers choose and use tech, written by experts in technology as well as by legal professionals who use the tech in the trenches of legal practice.

We had a great response and have already received and published a number of outstanding articles from legal tech writers such as Nicole Black, John Heckman, Barron Henley, Marc Lauritsen, Tom O’Connor, Michael Quartararo, and others.

Now, we want to keep that momentum going – encouraging those who have already contributed to add new articles and encouraging new authors to become first-time contributors.

So we decided to do it in a way that we hope might make it a bit fun for all involved. You could say we’re gamifying it.

We’re offering authors the opportunity to possibly earn a gift card by contributing an article to the LawNext Directory this month.

Authors who contribute an article that then gets the most views will get:

A $300 gift card for first place.
A $150 gift card for second place.
A $50 gift card for third place.

Here is how it will work:

Contribute your next piece of original, practical content to the LawNext Directory by Feb. 28, 2023.
Share your article with your community, and we’ll share it with ours.
The article that receives the most views in the first two weeks after its publication will receive a $300 gift card to Amazon.com (or a choice from among dozens of leading brands). The second-most viewed article will get a $150 card, and the third-most a $50 card.

All submissions will be subject to our editorial approval. Authors should be:

Someone with expertise in legal tech, such as a consultant, advisor, developer, educator, vendor, or otherwise, or
A user of legal tech with hands-on experience with the tech you write about.

Articles should be practical and non-commercial. We are looking for product reviews, product comparisons, buyer guides, tips and tricks, how-to guides, best practices, case studies, trend analysis, and more.

You can find more details about the giveaway, as well as on how to pitch and submit an article, at this page

As far as I am concerned, every article contributed to LawNext is a winner. But perhaps this friendly competition will add an element of fun to it. 

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