Are More Soldiers Dying at Fort Bragg?

Fort Bragg, home to the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command and Green Berets, has experienced an alarming surge in deaths over the past two years, raising questions about what exactly is going on at the military installation in North Carolina, The Daily Beast reports. Seth Harp, a Rolling Stone investigative reporter, discussed these issues on The Daily Beast’s Fever Dreams podcast and noted that the military has yet to provide any evidence of a similar situation occurring elsewhere.  Due to the secrecy of Fort Bragg it’s also hard to completely know if the amount of deaths seen is unusual for the base.

“I have repeatedly asked the military: Can you show me another base where there’s been a death toll this high in two years?” Harp said. “But they have never been able to actually point to a situation or a past occurrence like this—so I’m gonna stick with my assumption that it really is unprecedented.”

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