Boston Doctor Accused by Over 100 Women of Sexual Assault During Exams

Over 100 women allege in a class action lawsuit that a Boston-based doctor performed inappropriate and medically unnecessary physical examinations on them, Aria Bendix reports for NBC News. According to the suit, Dr. Derrick Todd, who until July worked as a rheumatologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital gave pelvic, breast and rectal exams for his own sexual gratification, all of which amounted to sexual assault.

The current lawsuit follows two others filed against Todd that similarly accuse him of sexual assault. The suits allege that the inappropriate acts took place from at least as far back as 2011 through this July. A fourth suit that was filed against Todd in September by an unnamed patient has been sealed. Todd signed a voluntary agreement last month with the state medical board to stop practicing medicine. Brigham and Women’s Hospital is listed as a co-defendant in all three lawsuits, along with two other practices where Todd worked.

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