Colorado Family Says Criminal Justice System is the Only Option for Daughter’s Mental Health Care, Safety

A Colorado family whose daughter has struggled with schizoaffective disorder, bi-polar disorder and depression since she was a child says that the state’s criminal justice system is the best option for securing effective care for her, Alan Gionet reports for CBS Colorado. Olivia Schack is currently being held at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo as she awaits trial for a felony assault charge. In the past, the family tried other facilities to treat her and she was asked to leave because she was too hard to handle. At the Institute, she has a room, gets counseling and medical help and has had her medications prescribed to stop the voices. Her family says that Schack needs someone to give her the medications four times a day, that she would not otherwise take, and that the Institute keeps her daughter off the streets. Her mother does not know where she’ll go if there is no court order to hold her in Pueblo.


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