Connecticut Business Owner Fabricated Paid Medical Study to Sexually Assault Women

A Connecticut business owner is accused of lying to several women about a fake medical study in order to physically violate and photograph them for money, Angela Fortuna reports for NBC Connecticut. Brian Casella, of Bethel, who owns a business called Vivid Events, described the study as “sending sounds of the victim’s digestive system in order to ascertain the nature of her food sensitivity.”

An investigation into Casella began in August when a woman who worked for him reported that he allegedly approached her about a fake clinical trial that she’d get paid to participate in. By participating in the study, the woman was told she would make anywhere from a few hundred to even a few thousand dollars, according to the warrant. Authorities said the tests went on for about a year, and the woman reported that Casella would violate her more and more with each test. He eventually told her to fully expose herself, and would touch her inappropriately without her consent. Police said Casella admitted to performing the tests, that he kept photos and videos of “a lot” of women on a hard drive, and that he’s been doing it for years. Detectives found over 1,000 photos and videos, and said they’re aware of more victims.

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