Courtroom Insight Launches Comprehensive Lawyer Directory with Detailed Data on Work, Schools and More

Courtroom Insight, a platform for law firms and legal organizations that, until now, tracked information on judges, arbitrators and expert witnesses, is expanding to add a comprehensive lawyer directory.

The directory, which will be accessible only to Courtroom Insight customers, builds on the company’s existing model by aggregating private internal data, dynamically updated proprietary data, and integrated partner content, all in one platform.

Launch of the directory marks a turning point for Courtroom Insight, in that every lawyer – even those who are also judges, mediators or expert witnesses – will now have a single profile.

Profiles will provide detailed educational backgrounds, work histories (including clerkships), admissions, subject matter expertise, and self-reported diversity information.

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Customers can further enhance listings by layering on data from Courtroom Insight’s partners, including case histories from LexisNexis and Docket Alarm.

Data will also be normalized and organized using the SALI Alliance taxonomy to ensure consistency across fields such as areas of practice.

In a demonstration last week, Mark Torchiana, Courtroom Insight CEO, said that the directory will be useful to law firms for purposes including alumni tracking, business development, experience management, and research.

“For years, clients have been asking us to build an authoritative lawyer directory,” Torchiana said. “Our new solution fits seamlessly into our existing mission of creating an authoritative resource for all people in legal by aggregating critical data and automatically identifying individuals’ connections to lawyers and organizations.”

Torchiana said that one of the biggest changes accompanying this launch is that Courtroom Insight’s various directories are being rolled into one so that everyone will have just one profile.

“The same person within the legal space might have multiple roles,” he explained. “Maybe it’s a former judge, maybe it used to be a counselor, now a current arbitrator or a current expert.

“It’s the same person, but they have different roles and there’s different data assigned to those roles. So we’re going to merge everything together.”

Although many of Courtroom Insight’s customers are larger law firms, Torchiana said that he is looking at pricing options for also making this available to individuals.

In a statement provided to me by the company, Keli Whitnell, director of firm intelligence at Troutman Pepper, who was given early access to the lawyer directory, praised its accuracy.

“Accurate attorney data plays a pivotal role in driving numerous strategic initiatives, spanning from business development and experience management to alumni tracking and recruitment,” she said. “Courtroom Insight’s capability to provide this crucial information through their platform significantly influenced our decision to invest in their solution.”

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