Eight Teenagers Charged With Murder in Las Vegas After Beating 17-Year-Old Boy to Death

Las Vegas police have arrested eight teenagers on murder charges after they beat seventeen year-old Jonathan Lewis to death in an alley outside his high school on November 1st, Christopher Cann reports for USA Today. The eight suspects charged with murder are between 13 and 17 years old and police, along with the district attorney’s office, are beginning the process to charge them all as adults.

According to the police, students from Rancho High School met at an alley just across the street from the campus to fight over “stolen wireless headphones and, possibly, a stolen marijuana vape pen.” As soon as the first punch was thrown, 10 people swarmed Jonathan, pulled him to the ground and began kicking, punching and stomping him. He was later found unconscious and, upon being rushed to a nearby hospital, was soon determined to have suffered “non-survivable head trauma.” Jonathan died several days later.

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