FBI Searches Two Upstate New York Farms Possibly Connected to Gambino Crime Bust

An ongoing FBI search for evidence at two upstate New York farms could be tied to a recent Gambino crime family bust in Brooklyn, John Annese reports for the Daily News. Neighbors claim that the feds showed up with shovels and started digging at a farm in Campbell Hall on Tuesday and another in Goshen on Wednesday. Public records show the Campbell Hall property belongs to a Viviane DiLorenzo of Long Island, and used to be owned by Giovanni DiLorenzo, who also owned the Goshen farm before it was sold to an LLC with Viviane DiLorenzo’s Long Island address. The women share the same last name as one of the 10 defendants in last week’s Gambino bust in connection with a violent bid to take control of the city’s carting and demolition industries.


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