Federal Judge Orders Release of Names of 150 People Involved With Epstein

A federal judge has ruled that the names of 150 recruiters, associates and “affiliates” of sex traffickers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell will be made public after the first of the year, Julie K. Brown and Ben Wieder report for the Miami Herald. Most of the names set to be revealed are people associated with Epstein who are already publicly known, and it’s unclear whether the documents contain any new details about Epstein’s associations. 

The judge is allowing a 14-day window for appeals and the release will apparently have limited redactions, and thus possibly fill in some of the lingering questions about who helped Epstein. The judge described two of the three people whose names will remain sealed — J. Does 58 and 124 — as “classic outsiders peripheral to the events at issue” who are not associated with Epstein and Maxwell. Thirteen other people fought unsuccessfully to keep their names secret. The rest on the list — about 150 people — did not object to being identified, presumably because their names are already publicly known as associates or employees of Epstein and Maxwell.

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