Federal Prosecutors Plan to Retry Ex-Louisville Police Officer in Breonna Taylor Civil Rights Case

Federal prosecutors say they plan to retry former Louisville Metro Police Detective Brett Hankison for violating the civil rights of Breonna Taylor and four others during the March 2020 police raid that killed her, Rachel Smith reports for USA Today. The announcement comes less than a month after a jury failed to return a verdict in the original trial. Hankison was charged with violating Taylor’s civil rights, as well as those of her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, and three neighbors who were in the other apartment. The government contended he willfully used unconstitutionally excessive force, while his defense argued his actions were justified based on his perception that he was saving his fellow officers’ lives. Federal prosecutor Michael Songer said the government would like to retry the case “sooner rather than later,” though some shake-up in Hankison’s defense counsel may delay the proceedings. Stewart Mathews announced he would be soon retiring from his law practice and intended to withdraw from Hankison’s defense team. 

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