Former Hong Kong University Student Leaders Jailed for Supporting Attack on Police

Four former student leaders from the University of Hong Kong were sentenced to two years in prison on Monday for inciting people to wound others through their praise of a man who stabbed a police officer before killing himself in 2021, reports Kanis Leung for ABC News and the Associated Press. Kinson Cheung, Charles Kwok, Chris Todorovski and Anthony Yung passed a motion in the students union council that expressed “deep sadness” and appreciated the “sacrifice” of the man who took his own life. Handing down the sentences, Judge Adriana Noelle Tse Ching said the words they used were likely to incite hatred against the police. The resolution came against the backdrop of widespread public anger against the police, who were condemned as being heavy-handed in quelling the 2019 pro-democracy protests.


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