Georgia Official Submits Killed Cop City Activist’s Diary To Support Historic Racketeering Prosecution

Georgia deputy attorney general John Fowler alleges that the diary of an environmental activist police shot and killed earlier this year is needed to prove that 61 defendants tied to opposition against a training center near Atlanta, known as “Cop City”, were involved in a criminal conspiracy, Timothy Pratt reports for The Guardian.

Fowler has put forward a legal motion to enter the diary of Manuel Paez Terán, known as Tortuguita, as evidence in the Rico, or racketeering, case, claiming that the document contains “to-do lists and notes from meetings” – suggesting evidence of criminal acts against Cop City. The case is the first time a racketeering law, developed to combat the mafia, has been used against so many defendants in a political prosecution. Georgia state troopers shot and killed Tortuguita on 18 January, an act that the Georgia bureau of investigations concluded was justified but that they have refused to release the investigative file on to the public.

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