‘Goyim Defense League’ Hate Group Leader Jailed For Littering While Distributing Flyers In Residential Neighborhoods

The founder of a Neo-Nazi organization, the ‘Goyim Defense League’ (GDL), has been charged with a bulk littering misdemeanor for distributing hateful materials and sentenced to 30 days in jail, NBC 6 South Florida reports. However, under the recently passed HB 269, officials say those charges could get more more serious: “We have new powers to go after these individuals criminally for spreading their filth. The next time they get arrested, it just won’t be for a misdemeanor. It could be for a felony, and it could be for the contents of their literature,” Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg said.

Governor Ron DeSantis signed the bill earlier this year while on a trip to Israel and it has garnered significant support from legislators, but is also expected to face challenges on first amendment grounds that complicate the enforcement of criminal penalties for hate speech alone. The Southern Poverty Center categorizes the GDL group as antisemitic extremists.

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