Head of Neo-Nazi Online Cult Targeting Children for Abuse Arrested in Hawaii

The FBI has arrested the founder of a Neo-Nazi online community that targeted underage populations across the country and the globe for abuse, Seamus Hughes reports for Court Watch. The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force says the Bureau opened an investigation into Kalana Limkin in May 2023 who is accused of being an associate of the groups known as CVLT and “764” and the “founder of a splinter group, “Cultist.”

Limkin was arrested on Friday in Hawaii. A request for detention of Limkin filed by the prosecutors outlines the history of 764 stating, “That [764] group is a radical offshoot of a satanic anarchist group, The Order of Nine Angles (“O9A”), which espouses the belief that society must be destroyed from within. O9A encourages members to engage in criminal acts, including violence, sexual assault, murder, and terrorism, to accelerate and cause the demise of western society. The group functions together as a coordinated unit by using Discord and Telegram as vessels to desensitize vulnerable populations through sharing extreme gore and child sexual abuse material. During an interview, Limkin allegedly admitted to “being the creator of Cultist” and had numerous child exploitation images on his phone.


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