Inflection Point 2023

I looked back at my final post of 2022, Sins of Omission, corrected the typos out of compulsion, and pondered where we gone over the past year. It was a good post, and even today, it felt true. But much as the toxic American political climate hasn’t really changed much over the past year, and offers little promise of change in 2024, the Hamas terrorist attack of October 7th and its ensuing war in Gaza has bubbled up the fundamental differences between a liberal democratic nation and the swell of simplistic authoritarianism of the young.

Others in my position have adopted the woke view of the world, some because they needed the validation that comes from espousing the popular views of progressives, and others because they were never quite as serious as I thought. Or hoped. But how many more marches by  the young and unduly passionate who justify terrorism and suddenly find rape and murder acceptable when done by those they’re tribe tells them to favor?

Will 2024 be an inflection point, where people finally come to grips with the fact that they’ve become the enemy they righteously believed they were fighting? At first, it seems there might be an epiphany, a realization that dividing the world into the oppressed and oppressors was an infantile way to deal with the many problems facing society. But since then, it’s become apparent that the young and unduly passionate have fallen back into their tribal ways, enjoying the fresh air of sowing misery on blocked highways for an irrational and destructive cause.

I never would have believed in my old man head that we would be back to open Jew hatred again. Yet here we are, and tens of thousands of people who would claim the mantle of progress fully embrace the end of Jews. Never in its wildest dreams would Hamas have believed that raping and beheading Jews would turn them into progressive darlings, but here we are.

Will this cause young progressives to recognize the error of their ideology? Will they realize that their sudden existential concern for Palestinians when they cared nothing about them until it meant they could openly hate Jews, proves that they are just another flavor of haters, of authoritarians, of racists?

2024 offers the opportunity for the young to break away from their failed beliefs, the lies they tell themselves to pretend they are the good guys on the right side of history when they are no better than their adversaries no matter how pretty the ribbon with which they tie up their beliefs. But will they? Or will the inflection point be that their failure, their hatred, their simplistic irrationality, is staring them in the face and they just don’t give a damn. They know who they hate and they will hate every bit as much as they want to.

I had high hopes for 2024, that it would be the inflection point we needed to stop the downward spiral of hatred. Now, I’m not so sure.

Happy New Year.

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