Japanese Ex-Soldier Wins Landmark Sexual Assault Case

A Japanese court has found three former soldiers guilty of sexually assaulting a female colleague who complained to her superiors at the time of the incident but later decided to leave the army when no action was taken, Sakura Murakami reports for Reuters. Former Self-Defense Forces member Rina Gonoi alleged she was pinned down by three male colleagues who pulled her legs apart and pressed their crotches against her in simulation of a sex act. The defendants denied that their acts amounted to sexual assault. In response to her claims, Japan’s defense ministry announced that five men connected to the incident had been dismissed and four others punished, and began a widespread survey of harassment in the military and military-linked entities that found more than 1400 complaints. Gonoi has also lodged a civil case against her former peers and the government, seeking damages for the alleged assault and the subsequent inaction despite her complaints.


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