LawNext Podcast: The Voices of ILTACON 2023, Part 2: Chats with 11 Legal Tech Companies

Recently in Orlando, Fla., at ILTACON, the annual conference of the International Legal Technology Association, I recorded a series of brief live interviews with some of the legal tech companies that were in attendance. Last week on my LawNext podcast, we featured the first set of those interviews – with 12 of the legal tech startups that were participating in ILTACON’s Startup Hub. This week, we are featuring interviews with some of the established legal tech companies that were attending the conference.

 In these 11 short interviews, we speak with:

David Wong, chief product officer, Thomson Reuters.

Mike Fouts, chief business officer, ShareFile.

Carol Lynn Grow, co-owner and COO, LawToolBox.

Ted Theodoropoulus, CEO, Infodash.

Jerry Levine, chief evangelist and general counsel at ContractPodAI.

Monica Harris, product business manager, Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions.

Ahmed Shaaban, cofounder and managing director, Fulcrum Global Technologies.

Hossein Jabbar, CEO, PaayaTech.

Richard Sayles, head of data analytics, Sapling Data.

Michael Murray, director of technology, Veritext.

Daniel Bonner, director of client solutions, Level Legal.

Be sure to also listen to last week’s interviews with the legal tech startups.

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