Leaked Files Show US Law Enforcement Took Intelligence Directly From IDF

Documents from the BlueLeaks trove of internal law enforcement documents reveal that US law enforcement agencies for decades received analysis of incidents in the Israel-Palestine conflict directly from the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli think tanks, training on domestic “Muslim extremists” from pro-Israel non-profits, and surveilled social media accounts of pro-Palestine activists in the US, Jason Wilson reports for The Guardian.

There is no indication that this was balanced by information from other Middle Eastern sources or US Muslim community groups or that pro-Israel activists were subject to any specific scrutiny. Elsewhere in the BlueLeaks trove, there is ample evidence of a close relationship between law enforcement agencies and US-based pro-Israel organizations. There are indications that this emphasis shaped investigations: in at least two instances, the National Criminal Intelligence Resource Center archived social media feeds of Palestinian American pro-Palestine activists. The feeds indicated no apparent wrongdoing.

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