Live Today on Legaltech Week: Techshow Post-Mortem, Lawyers in Trouble over ChatGPT, AI Surveillance, Writing Good Prompts, and More

Live today at 3 p.m. E.T., the Legaltech Week panel is back, with a special guest sitting in.

We will share our impressions of last week’s ABA Techshow, and also discuss stories this week of new legal shenanigans involving ChatGPT, AI surveillance, how to write good search prompts, a company’s attempt to dissociate its chatbot, and more.

Sitting in as a guest panelist today is Julie Sobowale, freelance journalist, former director of communications for the Law Society of Saskatchewan, and now membership research consultant for LION (Local Independent Online News Publishers).

If you haven’t already, you can sign up free here to attend. Register once and you are signed up for all future sessions. You can also catch prior episodes as a podcast or on YouTube.

Our panelist lineup changes from week to week, but our regulars are:

Nicole Black, legal technology columnist and legaltech evangelist at MyCase.
Stephen Embry, publisher, TechLaw Crossroads.
Caroline Hill, editor in chief, Legal IT Insider.
Victor Li, assistant managing editor of the ABA Journal.
Jean O’Grady, publisher of the blog Dewey B Strategic.
Joe Patrice, editor, Above the Law.
Stephanie Wilkinseditor-in-chief of ALM’s Legaltech News and the ALM Global Newsroom’s Legal Technology Desk.

Hope you will join us.

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