Machado: DDA Angela Brunson Almost Ruined Joe Gatt’s Life

Actor Joe Gatt, of Game of Thrones and Star Trek Into Darkness fame, almost lost everything he worked for because of some unhinged prosecutor named Angela Brunson. Gatt worked his butt off to become relevant, and then that psycho allowed some fangirl to convince Brunson that Gatt did something illegal:

The reality is that LT created fantasy conversations between her and Gatt and lied to her friends that she was having a sexting affair with a famous actor. Amazingly, the LA police did not use the evidence on her phone or computer to press charges, but relied on photos of screenshots of the alleged texts and photographs of Gatt.

The criminally-minded LT never had contact with Gatt beyond a purchased Cameo video where Gatt innocently wished her a happy birthday (with no suggestive comments) and a few polite responses to her fan messages on Gatt’s Instagram. That was it.

LT, the still unnamed false accuser, showed Brunson (and her goons?) a bunch of photos of screenshots that supposedly came from Gatt, and that, along with her (sworn?) statement, was enough for Brunson to charge Gatt with having sexual contact with a LT, charging him with sexual offense with a minor. Now, I want to assume that Brunson didn’t ask an IT fellow from her office to do a cursory review of the screenshots provided by LT. Had she done so, and still prosecuted Gatt, that might push her beyond the shelter of qualified immunity.

This is a case that should have never made it to the arraignment docket:

Sure, the accuser, the deceptive LT, then 16-years-old, had told Brunson that the texts and photos came from Gatt. However, a good prosecutor could have determined that LT had used Photoshop to fabricate the supposed texts and images.

It took Gatt’s retained forensic technologist, Jeffrey Fischbach, to do the job the LA DA should have done before charges were ever brought.

Brunson didn’t have to pay for some IT dude to make sure that LT’s texts met the borderline standard for some kind of reliability for probable cause to charge Gatt with a sex crime. It was ultimately left to his defense lawyers, and then it became evident that the accuser was an unhinged person who wanted near Gatt no matter what. Brunson is protected by qualified immunity. She won’t get fired, reprimanded, or forced to get a real job that doesn’t involve putting people in cages. Even the feds know this, with their heavy windbreaker-FBI-heart.

Now getting back to Brunson, she looks…insane. If you circle back to that first link, you’ll see a person who is not well. Those pics on her social media are an unfailing sign of a disordered person. For what it’s worth, she is portraying herself as a woman who likes to…party. By all means, Brunson should enjoy herself. I never slut-shame, unless it’s in my client’s best interests (and when I do, I do it in spades).

But, the fact that Brunson can’t, won’t, restrain herself from posting pictures of herself straddling a car like a quarter-rent putana could mean that she does not have the professionalism to be put in charge of prosecuting folks for street crimes. But she was a prosecutor, and Gatt will never get an apology from her or whatever deputy bum signed off on his indictment. Gatt will try and go on with his life, as best he can, and the lying bum LT, complainant, will never be charged with perjury. Brunson got a new gig at the Riverside County’s DA’s office. Just those eyes are enough to make a half-sane person run for the hills. She’ll probably be a Judge someday.

Gatt gets to go home, and that is the best he and his lawyers could hope for. He probably spent a good amount of coin in his defense, and he will never get that money back. If he’s like any reasonable defendant, he’ll ask his defense lawyers “is she [accuser or the bum DDA] going to be arrested for this, do I get my fees back?!” His lawyers will probably shrug and tell him there’s no way in hell that’s going to happen. And Brunson and company, if you’re reading this, this one’s for you.

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