Maine Shooter’s Brain Tissue Sent to Massachusetts for CTE Testing

Tissue samples from the brain of Robert Card, the shooter who killed 18 people during an October rampage at a bowling alley and a restaurant in Maine, have been sent to CTE experts in Massachusetts, Carma Hassan reports for CNN. A federal law enforcement source told CNN the Army gave Card a “Command Referral” to seek treatment for “hearing voices” and for having thoughts about “hurting other soldiers.” Concussion Legacy Foundation CEO Chris Nowinski told CNN anything that causes the brain to move around violently can lead to CTE, including the type of training Army reservists may be exposed to, such as being around explosives or hand-to-hand combat and paratrooper training. The Chief Medical Examiner requested CTE testing be conducted on Robert Card’s brain due to the combined history of military experience and actions, but added that the results of the tests would not change Card’s autopsy findings.

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