Marcus Isom Jr. on DW Perkins Bar Association Jacksonville Chapter

We sat down with Marcus Isom, Jr., the president of DW Perkins Bar Association Jacksonville Chapter, to discuss the organization and his plans at the helm. Isom is the assistant state attorney at the Office of the State Attorney Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida.

AALM: As the president, what have your goals been for the association this year?

MI: At the start of the bar year, our leadership outlined an agenda with the focus being on engagement and empowerment. Engagement has been an important focus because we want the Perkins Bar to gain more partnerships locally and statewide. Our leadership also wanted to focus on ways to increase the engagement of our members.

Our leadership placed an emphasis on empowerment from the perspective of the organization and the members as well.  We want the Perkins Bar to be an organization that has difference making ability in the community and in the practice of our members. In turn, we want members to be empowered through mentorship opportunities, relationship building, and having a source for important information, legal updates, and opportunities that may impact their careers.

AALM: What benefits are there to attorneys who become actively involved in the association?

MI: The Perkins Bar Association is a network of individuals that all share a common goal of being successful and productive in the legal profession. Joining and getting involved with the organization will naturally result in connections that often lead to referrals or other opportunities. Young lawyers and law students can benefit greatly from the mentorship that the relationships with our more experienced members provide. The organization also provides important benefits such as CLE opportunities, important updates, and access to speakers and presentations that enhance the members’ skill set and knowledge bank.

AALM: How has your involvement in the association benefited you and your career?

MI: Membership in the Perkins Bar has been an empowering experience. The mission of our organization is to be a change agent for the community we serve. That ties directly into my personal vision to serve the people of Jacksonville inside the courtroom and out in the community. Being a part of the Perkins Bar with many likeminded attorneys committed to community service, pro bono work, and more keeps all the members motivated to uphold the mission.

Involvement with the Perkins Bar has also become a hub for mentorship. Attending our events with the members that have been practicing law for some 15, 20, and more years creates a very natural space for mentorship. It simply comes from seasoned lawyers sharing stories or giving advice to young attorneys about practicing law.

Joining the D.W. Perkins Bar would benefit anyone that’s practicing law. No matter what phase of their career! It’s a network of individuals that believe in supporting one another, being a voice for justice and equity in our community, and the advancement of the legal profession through things like mentoring and training.

AALM: What advice do you have for a member looking to increase their involvement in the association? For a member hoping to join the leadership?

MI: Members looking to increase their involvement should tap into all the bar’s social media and update channels. That’s the fastest way to learn about the things the organization is doing. It’s also an easy way to communicate with members and to keep the bar updated on all the good things you’re doing.

Attending the monthly luncheons and regular happenings like volunteering with the Future Lawyers and Leaders program is also an easy way to get connected.

Members looking for leadership opportunities should get involved with committee work and reach out to the board members about projects that may need some helping hands.

AALM: What changes are association leadership hope to promote within the local legal community? How is the association promoting those changes?

MI: One change that our leadership and members hope for is more diversity on the local bench. It’s important to have a judiciary that’s a reflection of our community as a whole and certainly a reflection of the legal community. When we consider Jacksonville, it’s a melting pot of people of various backgrounds, ages, socioeconomic statuses and more and all of that should be woven into the leadership of the legal community.

Our Judicial Diversity Committee has been hard at work to empower our own members to seek opportunities within the judiciary. The committee regularly consults with members about both the judicial application process and the campaigning process. In April, the committee will facilitate a panel discussion on the importance of diversity on the bench and teaching members about both paths. Our executive board is really excited about the work that the committee is doing.

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