Morning Docket: 01.03.24

* Prosecutors add Qatar to the list of countries Bob Menendez allegedly took money from. Maybe he was just slowly trying to drain funding for Hamas by collecting all the cash himself… did you ever think of that? [Washington Post]

* Federal law requires emergency room doctors to save lives — including where abortions are necessary to save the life of a mother. Because the Supremacy Clause just doesn’t exist in the minds of Texans, the state argued that its abortion ban superseded federal law and the Fifth Circuit agreed because it’s the Fifth Circuit. [Texas Tribune]

* Speaking of Texas and the Supremacy Clause, the federal government has now asked the Supreme Court to intervene on the state’s effort to create its own border policy. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Tom Girardi becomes real defendant of Beverly Hills after court deems him competent to stand trial. [Law360]

* Former bankruptcy judge argues that he can’t be sued for his actions on the bench, even if those actions on the bench benefited the lawyer he was secretly sleeping with. [Reuters]

* Law professors are working together on generative AI policies. [ABA Journal]

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