Morning Docket: 01.04.24

* Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein documents include references to Alan Dershowitz and social media is going wild even though we’ve known about these accusations for a really long time and Dershowitz already settled a case about this in 2022. [CNN]

* Meanwhile, Pat McAfee decided to punt in a bid to avoid defamation liability after his buddy Aaron Rodgers accused Jimmy Kimmel of being on the Epstein list… which of course Kimmel is not. [Variety]

* Trump asks Supreme Court to overturn Colorado ballot decision. It’s not going to happen, but a full-throated endorsement of states’ rights would be the funniest outcome. [CBS]

* Calls to sue the Cincinnati Bengals over allegedly covering up an injury and skewing the gambling market. On the one hand, this is stupid. On the other hand, screw the Bengals. [Bloomberg Law News]

* West Point can continue its admissions policy after federal judge tossed a preliminary injunction request for Ed Blum’s Bigot Brigade. [Reuters]

* Law firm consolidation set to “heat up” this year. [American Lawyer]

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