Morning Docket: 01.12.24

* Elon’s admitted drug use combined with rumors that he showed up to a company meeting on drugs have raised insurance issues for his board. [Bloomberg Law News]

* While we’ve seen some Biglaw firms make big ticket real estate splashes, many have figured out the basic hoteling strategy that the rest of corporate America embraced years ago. We’ve been advocating this for a while now. [Law.com]

* Bids to get Trump kicked off state ballots aren’t necessarily the work of Democrats. A profile of the conservatives pushing to invoke the Fourteenth Amendment. [Reuters]

* AI hallucinates when asked legal questions… writes The Hill roughly a year after everyone else figured that out and months after the big players in the space announced products to avoid this. Starting to understand why NYTimes Pitchbot has a “no The Hill” policy. [The Hill]

* Prince estate continues to be fraught with conflict eight years on. [Variety]

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