Morning Docket: 01.16.24

* Firms offering black box partner comp really hope senior lawyers aren’t competitive high-achievers who might care about their self-worth or anything. [American Lawyer]

* Joe Tacopina leaves Trump legal team. But he’ll always have the good times to look back on. [Reuters]

* Security risks to federal judges on display as Trump’s followers phone in threats. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Judge says law professor paying his benchslapping to a charity didn’t meet the terms of the sanction order. [ABA Journal]

* Supreme Court set to decide if cities can crack down on homeless population. Unlikely to go well for homeless. [Guardian]

* Chicago Bears general counsel out. Coaching that finished at the bottom of the division still there. [Law.com]

* Funniest lawyer in New Jersey running for governor. [Gothamist]

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