Morning Docket: 01.17.24

* Supreme Court to hear argument over fishing regulations, but it’s just a red herring for the justices to destroy Chevron. [Bloomberg Law News]

* When Eric Adams decided to beat back the federal corruption probe into his fundraising by doing more fundraising, there was concern that the identity of the donors might make things worse for Adams. Let’s see… “billionaire businessman with ties to sanctioned Russian oligarchs”? Perfect. No notes. [NY Daily News]

* E. Jean Carroll team notes that Trump’s continued to constantly defame ever since he lost the case and asks jury to consider how much money it would take to make him stop. [Business Insider]

* Court to decide proper standard for giving fired union advocates their jobs back. The workers are in venti trouble. [ABA Journal]

* Fake nudes could become real crime. [WSJ]

* Multiple billion+ energy and infrastructure deals last week for Kirkland and Akin. [American Lawyer]

* Brazil’s courts leaning into AI to deal with court clog. [Law.com International]

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