Morning Docket: 01.22.24

* Lawyer disciplined for stealing ambulance and driving it 60 miles, which is objectively cooler than commingling client funds. [ABA Journal]

* Donald Trump “may testify” in E. Jean Carroll case. Which should read “may further add to damages.” [Reuters]

* No origination credit? How will I profit off my colleagues’ work? [American Lawyer]

* DOJ investigations into Jim Crow murders keep failing to result in prosecutions. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Had to follow “my compass” says Joe Tacopina of leaving Trump’s legal team. And by “compass” he means “tired of being upstaged by an incompetent garage lawyer and starting to fear the bills wouldn’t get paid.” [<a href=”https://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/amp-video/mmvo202561093983” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>MSNBC]

*Now Sidney Powell’s LAWYER faces disciplinary charges. [Forbes]

* Alec Baldwin facing new charges in film set shooting. [Yahoo]

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