Morning Docket: 01.23.24

* Supreme Court rules 5-4 that Texas can’t implement its own immigration policy. Would be really interesting to hear WHY four justices thought the Supremacy Clause was mere puffery, but they didn’t issue any opinions because of course they didn’t. [Washington Post]

* Florida backtracks from plan to use taxpayer funds for Trump legal defense fund after Ron DeSantis suggests he’d veto it. Besides, he needs that money to keep paying lawyers to lose to Disney. [Politico]

* First Circuit blesses Mexico’s lawsuit against American gun manufacturers marketing high-powered weapons to cartels. [Reuters]

* Generative AI complicates attorney-client privilege when it asks the client “hey, I gotta ask if you did this because, hoo boy, you wouldn’t believe the last guy’s answer.” [Bloomberg Law News]

* Meanwhile, legal challenges to generative AI like to characterize it as regurgitating copyrighted work. But is that metaphor a hallucination? [Legaltech News]

* Supreme Court agrees to hear wrongful conviction case where state supreme court wants to go through with death penalty, while the prosecutors want the conviction overturned. [ABA Journal]

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