Morning Docket: 01.24.24

* New push for the Supreme Court curb “two-step” bankruptcy abuse. But the company behind the tactic, which shields a company from legal liabilities by allowing it to spin those to a new entity that then declares bankruptcy, throws such wonderful parties for Clarence Thomas and the gang so it’s probably safe. [Reuters]

* In-house work is now a non-stop geopolitical compliance obstacle course. [Corporate Counsel]

* Ninth Circuit considers California assault weapons ban. Just a reminder that the trial judge in this case terrorized a crying child for kicks and has yet to face any repercussions. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Starbucks union orders up financial disclosures. [HuffPo]

* Solicitor who spent a month in prison for researching a case while on jury duty now suspended for 8 years.[LegalCheek]

* Charges dropped in case of a Dallas lawyer’s murder. [ABA Journal]

* Law firms should keep profit focus on the down low if they want to keep the team happy. [American Lawyer]

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