Morning Docket: 01.25.24

* Alina Habba likely avoids malpractice claims… because Trump’s case is already a loser. Small miracles! [Business Insider]

* Biglaw needs to confront how it offers feedback and chart a course somewhere between, “fine… I’m too busy for this” and “you’re fired and you’re also ugly.” [American Lawyer]

* Greg Abbott vows to ignore Supreme Court ruling in bid to earn elusive 9-0 defeat. [The Hill]

* Maybe Abbott wouldn’t be forcing another wasteful appellate process if the justices would just explain themselves. [Balls and Strikes]

* Fifth Circuit grants qualified immunity despite law enforcement taking several months to plot malicious prosecution against journalist. [Reuters]

* Mainstream media as shocked by Supreme Court clerkship bonuses as everyone else is. [Washington Post]

* Biglaw makes bigtime real money off fake money. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Supreme Court’s “faithless elector” case may open backdoor to election tampering by state legislatures. [ABA Journal]

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