Morning Docket: 01.26.24

* Rudy raises a million from big donors for his legal defense. Given what he charges for Cameo, I’m scared of what he must have to do on camera for these guys. [CNBC]

* SEC decides that doing an end-run around going public doesn’t excuse SPACs from regulation. [National Law Journal]

* Alabama unveiled its new, “painless” death penalty technique. As a witness put it, prison officials “were visibly surprised at how bad this thing went.” [Reuters]

* A look at the NCLA. Because sometimes you just want to sell a bunch of asbestos baby pajamas and who’s the federal government or “cancer” to tell you no, amirite? [Bloomberg Law News]

* Another firm followers Slaughter & May in employing Big Brother to get associates into the office. [Roll on Friday]

* Congrats to American Lawyer’s new editor-in-chief! [American Lawyer]

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