Morning Docket: 01.29.24

* American Lawyer asked top firms how they’re using AI in their practices. The answers are mostly mundane except for one that read “our attorneys are overwhelmingly pleased with our AI integration END OF LINE.” [American Lawyer]

* The still anonymous NYU Law School white male 1L suing over law review acceptance policies now seeks class status on behalf of other students too dumb to make law review. [Reuters]

* David Kenner gets one year of probation for leaking confidential evidence from the Pras Michél case. [Daily Beast]

* US asking cloud companies to investiate foreign clients as part of bid to stay ahead of China’s AI. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Legal thoughts on Florida State’s spat with the ACC. [Tampa Bay Times]

* There’s a shortage of prosecutors and it’s becoming a problem for defendants. [ABA Journal]

* Sadly, Charles Fried has died. [NY Times]

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