Morning Docket: 01.30.24

* Someone involved in the “fire university presidents for anti-Semitism” hearings finally figured out that Amy Wax exists. Welcome! You have such a journey ahead of you! [Law.com]

* We’re actually having a fluoridated water debate? In the year of our Lord 2024? [Bloomberg Law News]

* After losing not one, but two trials before Judge Kaplan, Donald Trump now argues that the fact both the judge and Carroll’s attorney are Paul Weiss alums should nix the verdict. [Reuters]

* Alex Murdaugh will not get a new trial. [NY Times]

* Texas wants to take the corporate law crown from Delaware. [Financial Times]

* Marilyn Manson ordered to pay Evan Rachel Wood’s legal fees. [Rolling Stone]

* IRS whistleblower sentenced to 5 years for his public service. [Courthouse News Service]

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