Morning Docket: 02.02.24

* We all knew Goodwin was still laying people off — but now they’ve issued a statement about their “performance” cuts. [American Lawyer]

* Trump apparently lost his mind when he realized Alina provided lunch during his deposition. Very stable genius and all that. [CNN]

* Disney appeals that loony Judge Winsor opinion in the DeSantis case. [Deadline]

* Texas Supreme Court justice skipped half its arguments to go campaigning. You know… you can do those events at night, too. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Fifth Circuit cuts back bias award. [Law360]

* For second time in its history, Harvard Law Review elects a Black woman to presidency. Which right-wing activist group will sue first? [Reuters]

* Congress needs to take action on civil forfeiture reform… example #473684. [Forbes]

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