Morning Docket: 02.05.24

* The secret to beating Elon Musk in $55 billion pay package case? Letting the jury hear Musk’s side of it. [Wall Street Journal]

* Proskauer settles fight with former COO in trade secrets fight. Now he’ll be free to share such gems as “bill more” with his new firm. [Law360]

* Man sentenced for impersonating NBA star to get fake medical payments. “To ruin people’s reputations… for wealth is really something,” said Judge Seybert… accidentally describing just about every billionaire’s path. [ESPN]

* Harvard Law School will join Yale and Stanford in offering some full tuition scholarships to low-income students. While an admirable move in a vacuum, just be wary if a school with an endowment in the billions starts saying “we didn’t charge 20 of you, so that’s why it’s so important that we raise tuition 185 percent on the rest of you.” [Reuters]

* Ethics complaints filed against judges for encouraging firms to give oral argument opportunities to younger and more diverse advocates. It’s the same group suing NYU on behalf of white students not smart enough for law review so as you can imagine their quarrel isn’t really with the “younger” part. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Police arrest Killer Mike after winning three Grammys. [Deadline]

* Tex McIver, the Biglaw partner who shot his wife and blamed it on Black Lives Matter, may soon be released from prison. [CNN]

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