Morning Docket: 02.06.24

* California can continue to enforce its ammunition background check law while the Ninth Circuit ponders constitutionality of the common sense regulation Chris Rock outlined 25 years ago.

* NLRB rules that Dartmouth basketball players are “employees” of the university. Continuing to go out there while sitting at the bottom of the Ivy League is the very definition of a job. [Front Office Sports]

* DOJ seeks new documents from Ticketmaster amid allegations that the company is deliberately failing to cooperate with investigation. This sets up a possible grand irony: Ticketmaster having to pay tacked on fees. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Federal Circuit appears inclined to preserve 4 decades worth of precedent. See Supreme Court? It is possible. [Law360]

* ABA remains “ultimate resource” for lawyers declares ABA as it raises its dues. [ABA Journal]

* The power of streaming turned Suits into a hit years after it went off the air. Now it’s getting a spinoff. [LegalCheek]

* Kentucky prosecutor convicted of trading legal favors for sex as the profession’s resistance to alternative fee arrangements continues. [Law.com]

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