Morning Docket: 02.07.23

* ABA asks the Supreme Court to maybe consider having some ethical rules. Aw. Cute. [Reuters]

* Professor Rick Hasen discusses the high likelihood that Moore v. Harper might soon be moot. [Slate]

* Attorneys agree that Elon Musk himself deserves credit for winning the Tesla shareholder case. Since the jury watched him testify and concluded “no one could possibly take this guy seriously,” he probably does deserve all the credit. [Law360]

* Law firms unlikely to develop ChatGPT tools any time soon. Can’t have anyone more robotic than the Tax department, can’t we? [Legaltech News]

* A closer look at Lizzo’s lawyers. [New Jersey Law Journal]

* Meghan Markle’s character on Suits ranked among most influential in TV history. [LegalCheek]

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