Morning Docket: 02.07.24

* Snoop and Master P suing Post and Walmart for sabotaging their cereal brand. You’ve got to eat something when the ladies in the livin’ room leave at 6 in the morning. [Law360]

* Taylor Swift threatens the same incredibly stupid lawsuit that Elon Musk did. [CNN]

* Some firms are laying people off. Other firms are seeing epic profit boosts. Arnold & Porter is the latter kind of firm. [American Lawyer]

* School shooter’s mother convicted of manslaughter. Not sure vicarious liability is going to lead anywhere good. [Reuters]

* This isn’t exactly news, but Donald Trump’s fundraising sent millions to fund lawyers for his failkids. [Business Insider]

* Elon Musk is funding Gina Carano’s lawsuit against Disney because he’s willing to underwrite anything anti-Trans at this point. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Elon University begins admitting law students in Charlotte. [WBTV]

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