Morning Docket: 02.08.24

* A group of originalists are going to rule that post-Civil War America passed the Fourteenth Amendment bar on insurrectionists as merely advisory. [SCOTUSBlog]

* Paul Hastings joins Arnold & Porter in reporting a big revenue year. I suspect this is going to be more of the norm and the firms engaging in layoffs will be the outliers. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Rudy Giuliani tells Trustee about all his unpaid bills. [Law360]

* Former client gearing up to file complaint against Kasowitz for $100M over alleged conflict of interest. [New York Law Journal]

* Gen AI could change the conversation around the billable hour. It probably won’t, but it could and likely should. [Legaltech News]

* Law professor lost his Title IX claim against the school for being anti-male, but he’s filing a new lawsuit. [ABA Journal]

* Special counsel — no, not that one — concludes investigation. [Reuters]

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