Morning Docket: 02.09.24

* Hawai’i Supreme Court considers actual historical record… upholds state gun laws and mocks U.S. Supreme Court’s vibe-based take. [Reuters]

* “Club dancer hired as solicitor’s ‘obedient little slave creature’ awarded £28k.” No further commentary needed. [Roll on Friday]

* Special Counsel in Biden document case opts for unorthodox prosecutorial strategy of admitting that there is no crime and then putting out 50 pages insulting the target of the investigation because the guy is MAD that he can’t find any crime. [ABA Journal]

* FCC bans AI-voiced robocalls. So much for those retirement plans! [Law360]

* Yale and Stanford move up interview season into June. Why not the first day of 1L? Or orientation? [Law.com]

* Seyfarth may still lag behind the market in compensation, but they reported another solid, profitable year and are looking to expand. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Kilpatrick sees 13 percent profit surge. Starting to doubt the handful of “we need layoffs because of economic headwinds.” [American Lawyer]

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