Morning Docket: 02.10.23

* Sam Bankman-Fried tried to contact the GC of FTX by encrypted text?!? How does he not understand how this works? [Law360]

* Judges increasingly use Wikipedia to write opinions. This is not an endorsement, but… ChatGPT looks pretty good by comparison. [Legal Cheek]

* The Harvard Law School attack suspect is now facing criminal charges. [10 Boston]

* “I’m gonna live forever” is a catchy lyric, but not a succession plan. And law firms can do good business scooping up smaller firms that never planned ahead. [American Lawyer]

* Joe Biden may have won the State of the Union by tricking Republican legislators into pledging not to cut Social Security or Medicare, but the Fifth Circuit has already cooked up a new theory to do it through judicial fiat. [Slate]

* We should’ve hit this story yesterday, but St. Thomas Law is naming itself after civil rights attorney Ben Crump. [Reuters]

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