Morning Docket: 02.12.24

* Aileen Cannon meets privately with Trump lawyers so they can tell her what to do. [Newsweek]

* Judge says he thought lawyer was flirting, so he responded by touching her “lower hamstring.” Not even sure that’s the acceptable next move if she HAD BEEN flirting. [ABA Journal]

* Winston & Strawn executive pushes third party presidential option. And, honestly, if you can’t trust lifelong Republican Biglaw attorneys for political advice then who can you trust. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Judge orders Elon Musk to testify because his testimony, which should force him to settle based on his past trips to the stand. [Reuters]

* Man who traded on Biglaw girlfriend’s insider information receives permanent injunction against violating securities laws. So everyone gets a freebie! [Law360]

* There is “concern” about A&O Shearman. No kidding. Maybe the mass defections it set off? [ALM International]

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