Morning Docket: 02.13.24

* Trump’s appeals immunity ruling citing such unassailable precedent as… a dissent in another Trump case that does not itself cite relevant caselaw. Stellar work all around. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Latham shuts its Hong Kong lawyers off from the rest of the firm’s data. [Financial Times]

* Squishmallows launches suit against Build-a-Bear. [BBC]

* More firms trumpet robust 2023 profits implicitly dunking on the firms still laying people off. [American Lawyer]

* Harvard not liable for morgue manager selling spare parts. [Law360]

* Ohio law attempting to ban children from using social media without parental permission blocked based on pesky “basic Constitutional rights” thing. [Reuters]

* Pauline Newman loses another challenge as DC judge jettisons suit while shrugging at the idea that appellate judges have an unenumerated “pocket impeachment” power to terminate a lifetime appointment on their own. [ABA Journal]

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