Morning Docket: 02.14.24

* Video game company settles case with choreographer over dance move animation. While we’re at it, video games owe me because the animation of characters writhing in pain after being riddled with bullets is suspiciously close to my signature move. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Jack Smith given a week to respond to Trump’s Supreme Court nonsense. Seems like they’re eager to get this over with too. [Yahoo]

* Reuters asks “is Elon Musk full of shit?” The answer will almost certainly not shock you. [Reuters]

* Another firm crosses into the billion dollar club. Money fight! [American Lawyer]

* Medical experts suggest diagnosis invented by law enforcement to justify shooting people might not be medically sound. [ABA Journal]

* Bob Menendez lawyers compare Senator’s corruption charges to Taylor Swift. Except it’s “no body, no crime” not “a crapload of gold bars, no crime.” [NorthJersey.com]

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