Morning Docket: 02.20.24

* Today, the Supreme Court will indulge the argument that the statute of limitations on challenging a regulation doesn’t apply to companies founded years after the fact. Who needs settled law, huh? [Reuters]

* “Concerns grow that legal losses could make Trump desperate, even more open to corruption.” Oh. Well better stop trying to address corruption if it makes him do corruption! [MSNBC]

* NY backs down from pledge to steal $100M from poor litigants. Perhaps kicking puppies can make up the shortfall. [National Law Journal]

* Federal judge warns Harvard lawyers that they sound ridiculous pretending like they’re normal people in front of juries. [Law360]

* George Santos sues Jimmy Kimmel for paying him to say ridiculous stuff on platform where he asks people to pay him money to say ridiculous stuff. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Julian Assange extradition battle enters final stages. [NPR]

* Seventh Circuit decides that if parents dump their kids’ DNA into Ancestry.com, the children aren’t bound by the arbitration clause. [Law.com]

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